PRE-SPRING SINGALONG PARTY will run FAMILY FAVORITES between March 30th and April 12th for $40/family.

SPRING SEMESTER will run MUSIC TOGETHER ONLINE starting on April 13th and ending on June 21st.

Weekly, 30-minute Music Together classes meet on ZOOM classroom with MARACAS collection including songs, rhythmic rhymes, movement, and instrument play. These activities are presented as informal, non-performance-oriented musical experiences--developmentally appropriate for children and easy for parents and caregivers--regardless of their own musical ability.

Weekly, 30-minute Rhythm Kids classes meet on ZOOM classroom with SEA TURTLE collection including solfege singing, rhythm play, conducting, rhythmic improvisation on djembes, as well as solo/part singing.

There will be 2 Facebook Live Feeds daily in the closed Facebook group & 1 Recorded Video on Family Portal for enrollees only for extra music time at home with different stories or crafts as well. 

10-WEEK SPRING TUITION: $190 per family with full access to all online contents offered. Additional Zoom class fee is $90(No Sibling fee in the same class). If you register for Pre-Spring Singalong Party and Spring semester both, you'll get $10 discount off('In-Pre-Spring price' when register online) Spring semester.


1)Weekly 30-minute Music Together ZOOM classes/Rhythm Kids Zoom classes
2)Hello Everybody App+Family Music Zone acess+1 CD+NEWLY ILLUSTRATED Songbook to be mailed
3)Parent Guide Research booklet for new family
4)Kids Music Together grocery bag
5)Rhythm Kids enrollees get an online video tutorials                         

MAKEUP POLICY: Everyone is allowed 3 makeups by scheduling online in advance


1)Fill out the form you received in the brochure and mail it with your payment to the address below.

2)Click 'Register' in the menu to fill out online form and pay online by credit cards or PayPal.

3)Click 'Register' in the menu to fill out online form and mail your payment to the address below.

  • No guarantee of space till registration is completed with payment.
  • Registration needs to be completed with payment by the deadline to be eligible for discount.
  • Credit card payment option is only available for online registration.
  • We also accept Venmo/Zelle/PayPal payments made to or Cash/Checks/Money Order made out to Kids Music Camp Inc.
  • Refunds are not available after first class.
  • Make-ups should be scheduled online in advance within the semester. No rollover for makeups.
  • We hold the right to cancel classes with low enrollment, in which case you will be contacted as soon as the possibility arises. Generally it will be decided before semester starts and no later than the first week of semester.

Please make your checks payable to Kids Music Camp Inc.

And mail it to :
Kids Music Camp Inc.
P. O. Box 770353
Woodside NY 11377