Kids Music Together Policy

You will receive a set of your music for the semester in the first week of semester in the mail.
If you're new to Kids Music Together, here is what you need to do to use Hello Everybody App and Family Music Zone online. 
-Download 'Hello Everybody' App for free in App store or Google Play.
-Create an account with your email address and a password.
-Log into your account and put in 'Access Code' that is emailed to you.
You will find the new song collection to play in the App as well as Family Music Zone online. 
For returning families, you can put in the new code in your Hello Everybody App and you are all set. You can access Family Music Zone from our web site by using the same log-in info as your App.
'Hello Everybody' App is a great way to access the music on the go. You can take the vocals track off and sing along as karaoke function, too. You can videotape your child's musical responses and keep a musical journal of your little one over time, too!!!
Adults’ participation is vital.
Children learn their attitudes from their loved ones, and you can inspire them to be enthusiastic music-makers just by enjoying the class yourself and singing along. You will be your child’s best role model regardless to your musical ability. A sense of fun is all that is required.

Your child is free to explore, to play and to discover. Please allow your child to experience the class in his or her own unique way, whether that is by moving constantly, sitting, staring and tasting instruments rather than playing them, etc. Children have the amazing ability to teach themselves through play. Even the most well-meaning adult can disrupt that process by giving too much direction. We know from working with hundreds of children over years that each child is busily taking in the musical information, even if that is not apparent from his behaviors emerging (often at home when you play the recording) as semesters progress.

Timeliness is appreciated, by the class as a whole, and also by your own child. Don’t miss the Hello song, it is a ritual that helps all the children feel welcomed and it signals the start of their music class.

Make-Up classes/Extra classses
While classes are running online, Kids Music Together offers free extra classes to our enrollees to help everyone get through the pandemic in a safe way, whether you missed your registered class or not. If you miss your zoom class, just like in-person class, please reserve a spot online on our web site, in advance. It is not necessary to make up a missed class in the same week as you miss as long as it is in the same semester. 
If you know you are going to miss, you can schedule a makeup/extra class before you miss it up to 2 weeks in advance. Please cancel your reservation if you are no longer able to take the class so that another family may take the spot. 
Cancellation Policy
If Refunds are available provided that cancellation is made 7 days prior to semester start date. All refunds are subject to $30 cancellation fee. NO EXCEPTIONS.
Credit towards a future semester may be granted at the discretion of the director in extenuating circumstances.
Should you have any questions, please contact me via email/text/call.
Call/Text: 646-250-1177